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The meaning of Nemi

Némi is the Indian word (Sanskrit/Tamil) for circumference of Lord Sudarshana, and the discus of Lord Mahavishnu. It is the constantly spinning, and constantly providing heat and light and energy to the cosmos.

   Lord Sudarshana is the presiding deity of motion and of energy: from the rotation and revolution of the planets, even of the whole galaxy down to the motion of the smallest subatomic particles, all of it comes under His guidance. The conversion of motion into energy and vice versa is also governed by Him.

नेमिः सौदर्शनी वः श्रियम् अतिशयिनीं दाशतादाशताब्दम्

ನೇಮಿಃ ಸೌದರ್ಶನೀ ವಃ ಶ್ರಿಯಂ ಅತಿಶಯಿನೀಂದಾಶತಾದಾಶತಾಬ್ದಂ

நேமி꞉ ஸௌத₃ர்ஶநீ வ꞉ ஶ்ரியம் அதிஶயிநீம்தா₃ஶதாதா₃ஶதாப்₃த₃ம்

némiḥ saudarśanī vaḥ śriyam atiśayinīṃ dāśatād āśatābdam

“May the Némi of Lord Sudarshana generously grant to you prosperity exceeding all measures for centuries!” (Kooranarayana Jiyar’s Sudarshana Shatakam, verse 25)"

What We Do

Our Core Activity

Némi is an Indian based company involved in the Development, Manufacture and also Testing of Automotive Components for electric two and three wheelers. Nemi’s Test Division is also involved in Complete Vehicle Testing, Testing as a Service and manufacture of SAE, ARAI, ICAT, GARC compliant test systems. At present, Némi is in the process of development and manufacture of Electric Vehicle motor/drive, light lamp assembly, combination brake system, speedometer and chassis.


“The mission of NEMI  is to contribute towards  future developments in Electric Mobility technology through fundamental and applied research and innovate products, components and systems that are optimized for specific use case and value target.”

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