Core Values

We are known for our four core values. Which determines our sustainability in the globe.

N - Nobility

"Noble Acts, Lasting Impact: Our Commitment to Nobility." We believe that, whether they be small gestures or substantial sacrifices, spark positivity and initiate a ripple effect of goodness, nurturing a more compassionate and interconnected world.

E - Excellence

"Striving for Excellence, Achieving Beyond Limits."We believe in striving for excellence is a relentless pursuit of the highest standards and continuous improvement.

M - Motivation

“Fueling Tomorrow with Motivation Today!”.We believe that motivation serves as the internal spark that energizes and sustains efforts, even in the face of challenges.

I - Innovation

"Innovation Ignites Tomorrow's Triumphs!".We believe innovation is the bridge between what is and what could be, laying the foundation for transformative change.

Work Culture and Work with us

Work Culture that transcends gender barriers:

We strongly believe in the untapped potential of women, recognizing them as pivotal economic drivers in any region. Our ongoing mission has been to empower women, and we have made significant strides in this regard. With over 55% of our workforce comprising women, we've transformed the work culture and standards within the manufacturing sector. Notably, more than 50% of our shop floor staff consists of women who undergo comprehensive training and efficiently oversee the entire production process.Today, the women in our organization are catalysts for remarkable changes, contributing to innovation, technology, and challenging societal norms. Visit our factories, and you'll witness a female supervisor confidently instructing her colleagues on product assembly. Our shop floor is abuzz with women leading a revolution in real-time. The positive change is evident and beneficial, marking a significant transformation.

Work With us

Determined in our principles and dedicated to transforming workplace norms, we seek individuals who can assist us in reshaping conventional organizational frameworks. In this role, you'll collaborate with top talents on innovative projects for renowned global companies. Learn more about our criteria.Our goal is to cultivate an inclusive atmosphere enriched with creativity and a healthy work-life balance. At Nemi Power Solutions Pvt Ltd, our diverse backgrounds contribute to a collaborative environment that fosters growth and innovation. Together, we develop products that consistently exceed customer expectations.

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