About Nemi

Our Story

Nemi Power Solutions Pvt Ltd is a dynamic player in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, specializing in electronic manufacturing. Established in December 2020, the company has swiftly emerged as a prominent name in the market. Nemi Power Solutions is dedicated to developing innovative electronic solutions tailored specifically for the evolving needs of the electric vehicle sector.

  • With a focus on cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices, Nemi Power Solutions aims to revolutionize the EV industry through its high-quality electronic components and systems. The company is committed to providing reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly solutions to meet the growing demand for electric vehicles worldwide.
  • Nemi Power Solutions' expertise lies in designing and manufacturing a wide range of electronic products crucial for electric vehicles, including battery management systems, power electronics, charging infrastructure, and vehicle control units. Through its dedication to research and development, Nemi Power Solutions continually strives to stay ahead of industry trends and deliver innovative solutions that drive the advancement of electric mobility.
  • Driven by a vision of a cleaner, greener future, Nemi Power Solutions is poised to make significant contributions to the electrification of transportation and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of mobility.

Mission and Vision


Empowering electric mobility through innovative electronics for a sustainable future..


Global development of cutting-edge electronic solutions specifically for the Electric Mobility designed for greener.